A captivating 90s R&B influenced pop track: Introducing emerging Australian group H3rizon and their latest release ‘Maniac’

‘Maniac’ is the hot new single from sensational Australian girl group H3rizon. Released ahead of their new album, ‘Maniac’ is sassy and vibrant, overflowing with attitude and personality.

‘Maniac’ is a captivating 90s RnB influenced pop track, with driving beats and big vocals. Harkening back to the days of TLC, Destiny’s Child, SWV, and En Vogue, this trio of powerful female voices is getting ready to take over the airwaves around the world. “We imagined how far we would go if we found out the same guy was cheating on all the three of us. We are all HUGE Dexter fans and joked about how we would go ‘Dexter’ on him if someone did that.” explain H3rizon who relished the opportunity to let their full personalities and voices shine in this new track.

H3rizon are a phenomenal girl group featuring the soulful and sassy songbirds Bernie (Bernadette Marquez), Tay (Taylah Albert) and Gabby (Gabrielle Montalbo). Characterized by their Pop/Soul/R&B style music mixed with incredible vocal arrangements, they are known for their beautiful harmonies and unique interpretation of melodies. A powerful team, the trio also maintain their individual styles with Taya being styled as the R&B songstress, Gabby bringing her opera training to the mix and Bernie taking on the role as producer in some songs and putting her indie spin on things. H3rizon is currently under the guidance of Philippe-Marc Anquetil (Little Mix, One Direction), Jason Lewis (Rogue Traders & Brad Cox) and Kelvin Avon (P.Diddy, Erykah Badu).

Since their appearance on ‘All Together Now’ in 2018, they have built up a dedicated and loyal following on TikTok and Instagram, keeping fans beguiled with their acapella harmonies and stunning vocal performances. With their positive, forward- looking attitude, they have organically grown their followers by 4224% since March this year. They have proven that the world is ready for some good news.

‘Maniac’ is available now via all major digital platforms.

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