Introducing rising UK soulful songstress Alichè and her stunning latest release ‘Could You?’

West London hailing, rising star Alichè graces ears with her stunning new single ‘Could You?’.

Alichè’s music is a heady brew of sweet spiritual lyric, raw urban beat, and heartfelt expression that is masterfully delivered. ‘Could You?’ beautifully narrates the yearning for company when the days get darker and the air gets crisper, particularly during current world circumstances. The track’s melody is laced with tinkly soundscapes, coated in Alichè’s rich, soul-dripped vocals that firmly take centre stage. Exuding a gorgeous, slinky quality, the reflective record carries a warm, nostalgic R&B flavour that transports listeners and is effortlessly dreamy.

Discussing her sparkling new track, Alichè said:

“Looking out at the way the world is at the moment I think it’s important to tell people we need and want them, who knows when we can tell them again. So if you want the deeper side to it, I guess I’m not very good at telling people when I need them. Then winter comes in and the days get shorter and colder, we could sometimes do with something to lift us from time to time. I know I definitely do. Writing ‘Could You?’ was accepting that, being playful and a way of seeing the better and higher sides of winter”

Alichè’s first song was wailing beneath the piano as she was brought into the world in West London. Now, she is a soulful songstress who creates beautiful tracks, crafted from the lives and loves of the world around her. Home was where the harmony was. Growing up, Alichè’s palette was coloured by the tunes blasting out the stereo: John Coltrane, Nina Simone, Al Green, Papa Wemba and Stevie Wonder. A rich mix that Alichè added to with early loves of her own. The artist is often an oddball in the confines of school and Alichè was no exception.

Suffocating in the classroom she didn’t come alive until school was out and she fled to the Institute of Contemporary Music. Here she discovered her true hunger for life on stage. At the core of Alichè’s music is heart: the heart of the family, of friends, and the heart of love and acceptance that looks for glimmers of light even in the darkest places. This infusion of hope emanates from her faith, her Buddhist beliefs fusing her music with promise.

‘Could You?’ elevates Alichè’s craft to new heights, showcasing her raw authenticity that glows with every note. Unafraid to lay her soul bare within each composition, Alichè is going from strength to strength, and is undeniably one to keep on your radar.

‘Could You?’ is available now via all major platforms

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