Introducing self-taught multi-instrumentalist, producer & singer-songwriter Rya and his latest release ‘SECONDS’


A Multi-instrumentalist, London based Rya uses his knowledge of electronic production and jazz influences to express a new kind of captivating sound. A wealth of experience can be heard in his music, born from his many years performing live for various groups in several genres. Now, Rya uses his passion for making unique soundscapes to deliver the raw emotion of a 23-year-old university student.

As well as writing for himself, Rya also fronts his childhood band IMPACT as the lead singer. Using his understanding of multiple genres, Rya applies this to give interesting and new spins on the classic house hits written by IMPACT. These powerful songs come to life in Rya’s live set, which blends his unique talents as an instrumentalist and vocalist to create huge performances that create an epic electronic sound, greater than just the individual.

Rya’s latest release ‘SECONDS’ is available now via all major platforms. Discover more of Rya’s music on SoundCloud and Spotify.

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