Abstract Empowerist: Meet up and coming Canadian artist Suneeta Gokuldas


Suneeta Gokuldas is an up and coming artist from Toronto, Canada. Born and raised in Dubai in her childhood years, she has been calling Canada home for the past 20 years. From living in two very different countries, to growing up in a very diverse downtown Toronto, she has been exposed to many different cultures. This has allowed her to appreciate the beauty of various art forms and artistic perspectives.

As a single mom to a quirky, active two year old girl, and as a busy professional in Corporate Compliance Suneeta finds art to be a perfect way to both express her innermost feelings, as well as find some personal time in a busy day to day life. She is also a huge mental health advocate because of her personal and pivotal experiences that resulted in PTSD, depression, and anxiety.


Art and music have been passions of her since childhood and she continues to incorporate them into her everyday life. Recently, while recovering from major surgery due to a cancer scare that took a huge toll on her both mentally and physically, she returned to art as an outlet. Needing to unleash all her emotions in a productive way, she picked up paint brushes and started creating. Before long, Suneeta’s paintings became her safe haven; a positive outlet that ignited her internal fire to create beauty.

Her work in formal terms is modern contemporary abstract. However, Suneeta describes her work as art that focuses on empowerment and positivity. She incorporates two main elements into her pieces, vibrancy and texture. The texture for Suneeta is her way of showcasing that life is never a flat smooth surface, and that beauty comes from the imperfections.

Suneeta wants to build a forum for mental health awareness through her art and welcome everyone into a world of hope and support. While her life experiences have influenced her work, her true inspiration and biggest supporter is her daughter. Suneeta believes that is so important for her to nurture her daughter in an environment filled with colours and positive expressionism.

More of her work can be found on Instagram and Suneeta’s art will be showcased in her first show; an upcoming exhibit in Toronto later this year.


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