Taking day-to-day stories and turn them into broken fairytales: Introducing emerging singer-songwriter Ysabel Bain

Photo Credit: Leva Sproge

“The soaring and stunning voice of Ysabel Bain is enough to sweep anyone off their feet” – The Unsigned Guide (Spotlight)

Ysabel Bain is making waves. Using her motto “speak my mind” as a weapon of honesty, the London born singer is bringing the art of storytelling to life in its most relatable form.

With deep roots in Gospel and Soul (and a voice that brings a familiar warmth), Ysabel’s sound has been linked with artists such as Lianne La Havas, Eryn Allen Kane, Alicia Keys, and H.E.R, but hints at something more as she pioneers the self-coined genre “Soul Etc”. Her ability to take day-to-day stories and turn them into broken fairytales draws people into her world, and her continued collaborations with musicians of various genres give her music a fresh edge.

Her debut EP “We Are (Live At The Clarendon Centre, Brighton, 2020)” is a culmination of the live music videos she’s been drip-feeding throughout the year under the series “We Are (Live)”, and is the perfect re-introduction to the old and new sounds that her audience has come to expect.

“It’s all about honesty and relatability.” Ysabel believes, “I’m your new best friend disguised as notes and lyrics. You’re gonna listen and think ‘that’s exactly how I feel’”

Filmed and recorded live At The Clarendon Centre, “We Are” boasts Tobias May (Metway Studios) as the producer, Ieva Sproge as the videographer and credits a stellar group of musicians and vocalists.

We Are (Live At The Clarendon Centre, Brighton, 2020) is available now via all major platforms.

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