‘How Long’ is the relationship inspired latest release from emerging singer-songwriter Grete


After releasing her first solo single ‘With u’, she is boldly expanding her musical horizons. ‘How Long’ is the second of three singles planned for release prior to the release of her debut EP. Influences for the song include Halsey, MARO, Yebba, Jasmine Sullivan.

Following on from Grete’s first single, a romantic, emotional ballad, she continued the sentiment of representing the sensation musically. However, this time the song progresses into a darker, more twisted space. This is created by dissonant chords, biting and distorted guitar leads and a crescendo towards the end of the track laced with heavy drums, rhythmic bass and Grete’s soaring vocals. The track is punctuated with glitchy details and electronic sparkles, complimenting the instruments and contributing to the cosmic scale of the song.

‘How Long’ lyrically encompasses the feeling of being stuck behind a wall put up by the other person in a relationship, and painting a fantasy of what could be if the wall was broken down, instead of turning around and walking away. Throughout the song, the anger and tension is growing, culminating in a release at the very end of the track – eventual acceptance.

Grete was born and raised in a little Eastern-European country called Lithuania and started singing when she was only 3 years old. She began her young artist and performer career in small ensembles and bands and was quickly spotted and drawn to the biggest stages in the country, such as tv competitions, musical theatre, international concerts and contests, and even the finals of The Voice of Lithuania. Gaining local fame opened many doors for function gigs and session work but that was not the career she truly wanted to pursue. Grete chose to leave Lithuania and start fresh in the UK.

Now she is studying pop music vocals in RNCM. Influenced by artists like Jazmine Sullivan, The Weeknd and Yebba, she began writing vocally colourful and harmonically intricate songs with strong messages and old R&B references.

‘How Long’ is available now via all major platforms.

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