Refresh, past ideas revisited

The desire to incorporate imagery has returned. With many influences I have begun some explorations, close-ups of indoor plants.

by Mark Perry

The workshop I recently attended played a part in speeding up this process but my history shows that I always return to nature. Each time I am reminded of how difficult drawing is, pushing my boundaries and limitations. Which is where the fun is for sure, maybe not in the moment but certainly later.

One observation is the need to accept that the two kinds of work, abstract and…

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We Are The Artists: Poetry, Images & Expression

This past year I had introduced the work of Charity Janisse as part of my #SupportLivingArtistsIn2016 series. Since then, Charity and I have enjoyed some meaningful exchanges…conversations about art, creativity and life and general. I very much enjoyed her poetry and could relate to much of what she was writing about.

Charity recently self-published a book titled “We Are The Artists”. Her beautifully illustrated book of poetry,  filled with artist quotes and illustrations (Charity’s own photography and explorations in paint), tells…

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Louise: Boston 1944 (In Memory of My Mother)

A couple of years ago, I assisted Linda Novick when she taught a program at Kripalu called Unmasking Your Soul. The mixed media piece I created in memory of my mother, was done at the end of that program.

By Anne S. Katzeff

I had brought xeroxes of several family pictures with me in hopes that I would use them in some artwork. This particular photograph of my mother is one of my favorites. She’s a young woman, recently graduated from high school, and probably working at her first job. That string of pearls is so elegant. The way she…

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Meet Junior Fungai Muduviwa

Born on the 21 September 1980 in Harare – Zimbabwe, Junior Fungai Muduviwa studied at the British American Tobacco Studios of the National Gallery of Zimbabwe, where he subsequently obtained a diploma in Fine Arts.

Junior now lives and works in Capetown South Africa where his inspiration is drawn by events in everyday life, his work reflects a genuine talent and a love for painting and the arts.

He has been awarded first prize in ‘graphics’ at the Cottco of Zimbabwe’s annual exhibition. And received second prize in ‘design’ at the…

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Gearing up for 2017…

So I’ve been taking a little blogging break to get myself into more of a Zen mindset to carry into 2017. It hasn’t been easy and perhaps I am still recovering from 2016, but I’m not sure if that’s the best excuse.

By Lisa Salerno

Being an artist can sometimes feel like swimming against the currents. It can feel as though you are pouring your soul into something meaningful yet the masses often don’t see value in it. You put yourself out there again and again… Will your voice be heard this time, or will it vanish like an echo in the…

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