Meet Shazwany Aziz

Shazwany Aziz is an artist living and working in Singapore. Often intrigued by the unknown and the known of the everyday, Shazwany uses time, space, situations and unspoken ideas to capture fleeting moments of daily life.

Working predominantly in drawings, paintings and prints, the abstract language is explored by way of textures, tones, shapes and patterns within a composition.

Her work has been exhibited around Singapore and abroad, including ‘Berdakwat,’ at Shophouse 5, Chan Hampe Gallery Singapore, and ‘Repetition as Obsession’…

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How to Create a Watermark in Photoshop

I use Photoshop to create watermarks as a way to protect my online art. A watermark is a subtle graphic or text identifier: logo, copyright information, pattern, etc. It helps deter web viewers from downloading that image and using it without your permission.

By Anne S. Katzeff

Steps for Embedding Text

1. Select the Horizontal Type Tool

2. Click anywhere on the image. This will automatically create a new layer on top of the existing image layer.

3. Type the text you want. In my case, I type my copyright information: © 2015 Anne…

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Meet Dani Yisrael Reid

Dani Yisrael Reid is a self taught, emerging artist, photographer and creative. As a child he developed an interest in art, the moment he learnt how to use a pencil he literally started drawing. Taking to comic characters, his expressive-impressionistic art side came to being.

Growing up, art became more on and off while he was dabbling is creative outlets into literary works (Poems, Songwriting, Journalism and Blogging) and photography. And 2014 was a fresh start for Dani as he found his way back into art.

Dani says ‘Art to me is…

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Refresh, past ideas revisited

The desire to incorporate imagery has returned. With many influences I have begun some explorations, close-ups of indoor plants.

by Mark Perry

The workshop I recently attended played a part in speeding up this process but my history shows that I always return to nature. Each time I am reminded of how difficult drawing is, pushing my boundaries and limitations. Which is where the fun is for sure, maybe not in the moment but certainly later.

One observation is the need to accept that the two kinds of work, abstract and…

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We Are The Artists: Poetry, Images & Expression

This past year I had introduced the work of Charity Janisse as part of my #SupportLivingArtistsIn2016 series. Since then, Charity and I have enjoyed some meaningful exchanges…conversations about art, creativity and life and general. I very much enjoyed her poetry and could relate to much of what she was writing about.

Charity recently self-published a book titled “We Are The Artists”. Her beautifully illustrated book of poetry,  filled with artist quotes and illustrations (Charity’s own photography and explorations in paint), tells…

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