Meet Emily J Horner

Emily J Horner was born in England in 1988 and from an early age showed a huge passion for drawing, painting and anything else that involved using her hands to create something beautiful from nothing.

Even as a child she knew she wanted to be an artist when she grew up, but life doesn’t always take us in the direction we have planned. At the age of 18 she started her own alternative fashion business, initially intended as a means of making some quick cash to help fund her studies in fine art but somehow it turned into a full blown…

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Meet Evie Zimmer

Evie Zimmer is an American artist creating and teaching in Cleveland, Ohio. Her early work consists mainly of traditional portrait paintings, although she had always been drawn to the intricate design and energetic beauty of op-art.

Eventually, Evie began to explore her op-art fascination and her work blossomed into her current mesmerizing style. Evie’s work has been described as a “strange loop” of process and product.

Her oil paintings radiate an inherent energy field not unlike traditional mandalas with acidic colors transforming…

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Meet Lisa Fontaine

Lisa Fontaine is an experimenter with a fascination for how memory is accessed and experienced. Her work encompasses an array of mediums, from photography, painting, digital art, illustration, film, fiction and poetry. Rather than label her work into one category, she prefers to explore, letting her art traverse these boundaries.

Combining the sense of disappearing with a haptic physicality, Fontaine’s work offers unusual juxtapositions which seek to blur spirituality and physicality. Often she uses both elements of realism and…

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The Blank Page

The blank page stares at me when I begin a new design project. I always experience some level of anxiety with this challenge of transforming emptiness into an attractive piece that communicates a clear message. You can’t just put ANYTHING into the empty space. The design has to have a concept, an idea, a plan.

By Anne S. Katzeff

When I was first in school learning graphic design, I wanted to hurry through the planning stage and get to the implementation phase as soon as I could. Why? Because I was comfortable on the computer. I knew how…

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Why Does It Take So Long to Finish a Painting?

People ask me all the time, “How long does it take you to do a painting?” It depends. I rarely finish a painting the same day I start it. Usually, it takes 2-3 sittings before I experience that definitive moment of “it’s done.” Each sitting is approximately 3 hours. If the painting is small, I may be able to finish within 2 hours. Larger paintings take me longer. But, size isn’t the only factor.

By Anne S. Katzeff

I’m thinking about all of this right now, because I finished a painting this summer that I started 4 years ago. Yup, you read…

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